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Property Owner Information Request

  1. Re: 2022 Reassessment of Real Property

  2. Dear Property Owner

    This is an official request to furnish the Certified Professional Assessor(s) of the 2022 Reassessment of Real Property with interior property data. PLEASE USE THE ATTACHED CHECKLIST FOR ALL RESPONSES. YOUR DATA MUST BE RECEIVED BY NO LATER THAN MARCH 1, 2021 This survey is part of an ongoing effort to obtain current information on the interior property characteristics of residential properties and is necessary to complete our statutory duty of assessing all property at 100% fair market value. Your assistance is necessary to help ensure that our assessments are fair and equitable. It is also your opportunity to tell us if there are any other issues, we should consider in assessing your property. If we do not receive the requested information by March 1st, 2020, it may affect the outcome of your assessment.

  3. Has the Property been renovated/updated?

  4. What was the extent of the renovation?

  5. Is there any significant damage to the property?

  6. What was the extent of the damage?

  7. Total Rooms

  8. Full Bathrooms

  9. Half Bathrooms

  10. Fireplaces

  11. Basement Total

  12. Basement Finish

  13. Attic Total

  14. Attic Finish

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