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Commercial Property Information Request

  1. Commercial/Industrial/Multi-Family Information Request

    CODE OF VIRGINIA § 58.1-3294

  2. This is an official request pursuant to Title 58.1-3294 of the Code of Virginia which requires you to furnish the Certified Professional Assessor(s) of the 2021 Reassessment of Real Property with income and expense data including the rent roll for any income producing properties for calendar year 2020. YOUR DATA MUST BE RECEIVED BY NO LATER THAN APRIL 30, 2021 This survey is part of an ongoing effort to obtain current information on the income and expense characteristics of income producing properties and is necessary to complete our statutory duty of assessing all property at 100% fair market value. Your assistance is necessary to help ensure that our assessments are fair and equitable. It is also your opportunity to tell us if there are any other conditions we should consider in assessing your property. If you are operating as an owner-occupied property, please complete as much of the survey as possible, in particular the expense data. If any portion of this property is leased or rented to anyone, please complete this survey with all available information. PLEASE BE ASSURED THAT THIS INFORMATION WILL BE KEPT STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL, SUBJECT TO CRIMINAL PENALTIES, IN ACCORDANCE WITH TITLE 58.1-3 OF THE CODE OF VIRGINIA. If we do not receive the requested information by April 1st, 2020, it may affect the outcome of your assessment. Failure to provide this information may also affect your rights to appeal. Your cooperation with this legal requirement is sincerely appreciated.

  3. Property Classification *

  4. 1. Does the property receive income from a lease, leases, rent, or rents? *

  5. 2. Was there any space available for lease/rent in 2020? *

  6. Please indicate whether you are providing an answer for vacant square footage, number of units, or both.

  7. Include items that you report to the IRS or Schedule E (Form 1040). DO NOT include real estate taxes, depreciation, or debt service.

  8. Total dollar amount of 2020 operating expenses

  9. 4. Is there a mortgage on the property? *

  10. 5. Was the property appraised by a licensed fee appraiser after January 1, 2015? *

  11. Certification

    OFFICIAL REQUEST: TITLE 58.1-3294 CODE OF VIRGINIA State law requires certification by the owner or officially authorized representative.

  12. Include full address, including city, state, and zip code.

  13. By filling in the below information, I am certifying that all information including the accompanying schedules and statements have been examined by me and to the best of my knowledge and belief are true, correct, and complete.


    BRIGHTMINDS OFFICE Business Administrator Phone: (434) 288-3047 William D. Cole Supervisor Phone: (434) 288-3047 Nicholas Morris Pittsylvania County Phone: (434) 432-3850

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