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Building & Grounds

  1. Missing / Damaged 911 Signs

    Use this form to report a missing or damaged Pittsylvania County 911 street sign.

  1. Work Order Request

    Work Order Request

Committee, Board, and Commission Forms

  1. Committee, Board, and Commission Interest Form

    Apply to serve on one of the many Pittsylvania County Volunteer Boards, Commissions, Authorities or Committees.


  1. Employee Suggestion Form

    Employee Suggestion Form

IntraNet Forms

  1. News Flash

    News Flash Submissions

Pet Center

  1. Pet Center Volunteer Form

    Apply to volunteer at the Pittsylvania Pet Center.

Public Works

  1. COVID-19 Municipal Utility Relief Program

    Pittsylvania County residents under the Pittsylvania County Service Authority must this application to be considered for utility... More…


  1. Property Owner Information Request

    Fill out the property owner information request form to ensure that your home is fairly valued for the 2022 reassessment.

Small Business Assistance Grant

  1. Application for Small Business Assistance Grants

    Pittsylvania County is administering a $330,000 small business assistance grant program. Businesses are eligible to receive up to... More…