Does the redistricting process affect school districts?

The reapportionment or redistricting of the County’s local election districts cover the board of supervisors as well as the school board.  However, school attendance zones or districts which are delineated to determine which locations attend public elementary, middle, or high schools are not updated as part of this redistricting project. 

The County is split up into four school districts - Dan River, Tunstall, Chatham, and Gretna - for middle and high school students. There are also 10 elementary school districts. The County has seven Magisterial (or election) districts: Dan River, Westover, Tunstall, Chatham-Blairs, Banister, Callands-Gretna, and Staunton River. The current redistricting process is solely to recalibrate the election districts and has no impact on school district lines. A property may end up in a different election district beginning in 2022, but that property will remain in the same school district.

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1. Does the redistricting process affect school districts?
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