Water and Sewer

The Pittsylvania County Department of Public Works provides water and sewer services to certain areas of the County outside of the City of Danville and outside of the towns of Chatham, Hurt & Gretna. 

For residential customers, the water rate is $23.00 per month for 4,000 gallons of water. For sewer the rate is $25.00 per month minimum. You are allowed 5,000 gallons per month and you will be charged a rate of $6.00 per 1,000 gallons for any excess used. Customers are billed every two months. Be sure to learn more about rates and payment options

The Public Works department operates twelve different water systems throughout the County and provides wastewater collection in parts of six of these areas. To serve our 3500 customers, we maintain the following physical assets:

  • 113 miles of water mains   
  • 350 manholes
  • 4 water booster stations        
  • 73 miles of wastewater collection pipe
  • Over 600 fire hydrants                 
  • 15 wastewater pump stations

For eight of our systems, the PCPW has contracts to purchase bulk water from the City of Danville, the Henry County Public Service Authority, the Town of Chatham, and the Town of Hurt. The other four water systems are served by wells. We also have wastewater treatment agreements with Danville and Chatham. 

New Customers

New customers can fill out this service contract to initiate service. You will need to provide the following information: 

  • A completed contract
  • A lease agreement or proof of ownership 
  • (Tenants need to ensure that this owner authorization form is filled out as well) 
  • A photo ID

You can submit these documents either in-person at the Public Works Office at 405 R&L Smith Drive, Danville, VA 24540 or online by emailing the Office Administrator, Rochella Fitzgerald. An account will be setup and you will receive an email with the account information needed to pay the required fees online. (A 2.65% fee will apply.) 

Water Quality Reports


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