The following convenience centers have containers for collection of newsprint, cardboard, aluminium and types 1 and 2 plastics: 

We currently only accept mixed paper, cardboard and newsprint at Sandy River, Blairs, Kentuck and Sutherlin. Plans are being developed to add other recycling options at these sites. 

Plastics We Accept 

We accept Type 1 and Type 2 plastics at all of the convenience centers listed above. 

Type 1 PlasticsType 2 Plastics

Please do not include any other plastics in the recycling containers as it limits the County’s ability to effectively and efficiently get these products into a recycling program and creates an unnecessary cost burden to the citizens. Plastic grocery bags are NOT ACCEPTED in our recycling. If you collect your home recycling in plastic bags for transfer to our centers, please open the bag and empty the recyclables into the container and reuse the bag or dispose with the regular household trash.