Executive Team

Pittsylvania County is governed by a seven-member Board of Supervisors, each of whom represent particular districts and are elected for staggered four-year terms. The Board hires the County Administrator, who oversees day-to-day County operations. The County Administrator position is currently vacant. 

The County Administrator works closely with the Executive Team to oversee all County operations, develop and manage the County budget, plan for future needs and expenses, and generally carry out the policies and directives of the Board of Supervisors. The Executive Team is comprised of the County Administrator, Finance Director, County Attorney, Deputy County Administrator, and Assistant County Administrator. 

Learn more about each member of the Executive Team. You can also view the County's organizational chart

  1. Vaden HuntJPG

    J. Vaden Hunt

    County Attorney

    Since January of 2011, J. Vaden Hunt, Pittsylvania County Attorney, has provided legal counsel to the Board of Supervisors, the County Administrator, and most County officers, departments, commissions, and boards. He also represents the County in most litigation matters. Primarily, his legal work is civil, except for the prosecution of some limited criminal misdemeanors involving Animal Control, Building Code compliance issues, and other similar fields. 

    Vaden has a Bachelor of Arts in History from the University of Virginia and a Juris Doctorate from the University of Richmond School of Law. Before attending law school, he worked for two years as a Litigation Legal Assistant in a large Washington, D.C., law firm to ensure that being an attorney was a career he wanted to pursue. Following law school, Vaden worked as a Litigation Associate Attorney for a Richmond, Virginia, mid-sized law firm. He also worked as an Associate Attorney at a small Lynchburg, Virginia law firm, and as the first full-time, in-house County Attorney for a Central Virginia County.

    Vaden took this job because he is very civic-minded, enjoys problem solving, and was excited about taking on the challenge of being the first full-time, in-house Pittsylvania County Attorney. Through all his work, Vaden strives to make the County a better place to live.Vaden’s day-to-day job involves, inter alia, drafting contracts, conducting legal research, counseling Board of Supervisor members, drafting ordinances, drafting deeds, providing general legal advice, and reviewing contracts.

    Vaden is a member of the Virginia State Bar, the Local Government Attorneys of Virginia Association, and the Pittsylvania County Bar. During his free time, he likes to cook, travel, read, and coach/attend youth sports. Vaden is also an avid University of Virginia fan. He is married and has two children. 

  1. Dave Arnold

    Dave Arnold

    Assistant County Administrator

    Dave Arnold, the Assistant County Administrator since June of 2021, is responsible for overseeing Information Technology, Human Resources, and Information Management. In short, Dave is responsible for identifying how to best manage county data and convert those data into actionable information that can be utilized by county staff and citizens alike.  

    Dave has a bachelor’s degree from Emory and Henry College and a master’s degree from Virginia Tech, both in geography. He also earned a graduate certificate in geospatial information science. Before his current position, he worked in a tech support call center for Dish Network, became a quality assurance specialist and then supervisor, worked as a graduate research assistant at Virginia Tech, and worked at an engineering firm as a GIS Specialist. In 2013, Dave moved to Virginia Beach, where he was a Systems Analyst in the center for GIS. In 2016, he took a job as a GIS Manger for Virginal Tech Facilities Department. Then, he returned to Virginia Beach and worked as the manager of the GIS production team before transitioning into his current position in the summer of 2021.  

    His day-to-day job includes assessing pressing matters concerning the three departments he oversees, such as how they are moving forward with new initiatives. It also includes overseeing administration of the county’s initiatives, helping the Board of Supervisors, and meeting with citizens and partner organizations. He was inspired to take this job because he wanted to broaden his horizons in a leadership position and expand outside of the technical.  

    Dave is married, has two dogs, and is a proud uncle. He has played tennis for 36 years, he keeps up with sports, and he enjoys outdoor activities, especially when it involves water. He is a third-generation public servant, and he really believes in the role of government.

  1. Richard HicksJPG

    Richard Hicks

    Deputy County Administrator

    Richard Hicks has been the Deputy County Administrator for Pittsylvania County since September of 2017. An extremely experienced local government manager and administrator, Richard oversees a diverse set of departments. 

    Before taking this job, Richard worked in local government for 40 years in North Carolina. The bulk of his tenure was as the Town Manager of the Town of Farmville for 23 years. Upon his retirement from Farmville, he served as an Interim County Manager, Assistant City Manager and Town Manager for numerous localities in North Carolina, as well as a project manager for Hurricane Relief with the NC Department of Emergency Management. Richard has a B.S Degree and an M.A. Degree with a concentration in Local Government Administration from Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina.

    In this position, Richard oversees the work of various departments, including Building and Grounds, the Landfill and all Solid Waste Operations, Water and Sewer, Parks and Recreation, the Children’s Services Act, Community Development, and the Pittsylvania Pet Center. His day-to-day responsibilities include attending meetings, dealing with issues as they arise, making sure everything is moving forward, supervising many employees, answering questions, and interacting with the public. 

    Richard was inspired to take this position after he retired in North Carolina and realized that he missed working in a local government position. In his free time, Richard enjoys golfing, skiing with his son in Colorado, and hiking. Even though he has been involved in local government for forty years, he still enjoys helping people and making a difference. 

  1. Kim Van Der HydeJPG

    Kim VanDerHyde

    Finance Director

    Kim Van Der Hyde, the Director of the Pittsylvania County Finance Department, oversees the budget process, payroll processing, and purchasing of goods and services. Kim manages a team of 7 people, which include accountants, payroll specialists, an accounting specialist purchasing manager, and budget analyst. 

    Kim obtained a Bachelor of Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting from Radford University. She began her career at Davenport Energy before moving to Hughes Memorial Home to work as an accountant. After five years at Hughes, she became an accountant for Pittsylvania County, a position she held for two years before becoming the Finance Director in November of 2000. 

    Kim works very closely with the Treasurer to ensure that the County’s financial transactions have been recorded properly and assets are properly maintained. She and her team look at ways to finance capital projects and other activities for the county and manage the county budget. As the Director, part of Kim’s job is to make sure that all invoices are paid and ensure that all relevant laws are followed in the purchasing of goods and services. 

    Kim loves music. She serves as the choir director at her church and is a member of the praise team. She also enjoys reading in her spare time. Kim is married and has two children. She currently serves on the Danville-Pittsylvania Community Services Board and Smart Beginnings.  In addition to using her finance skills at work, Kim serves as the Treasurer at Marion Baptist Church.