Appeals Meetings Advice

Appeals meetings with Brightminds will begin on Monday, December 6 and will run through December 17. Brightminds representatives will be available at the Pittsylvania County Community Center the following days and times: 

  • 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.: December 8, 10, 13, 15, and 17 
  • 8:30 a.m. - 7:30 p.m.: December 9, 14, and 16

Scheduling an appointment is no longer required. Those who are interested can simply walk in during the listed hours. Those who cannot make an in-person meeting can send an email to Brightminds regarding any concerns or questions.  

 In these meetings, Brightminds assessors will provide an explanation of what factors went into your property’s assessed value. You will then have a chance to ask questions and, if you choose, explain why you think that your property’s assessed value is incorrect. Appraisers from Brightminds will be able to make decisions during these meetings, and once all necessary changes are made, the county will send a second notice of change to each property owner. If a property owner leaves a meeting with Brightminds unsatisfied, they will have the opportunity to formally appeal through the Board of Equalization.  Reassessment Informal Hearings Graphic

Below are a few tips for property owners that are considering appealing their property’s value with Brightminds:  

Bring evidence and documentation

Some items that would help your appeal are independent appraisals, broker price opinions, recent sale prices of comparable properties, and any other evidence that demonstrate your property’s assessed value is incorrect. For instance, if you know that there is damage to your home that the assessor wouldn’t know about, document that damage and show them. Talking to a realtor to see what price they would list your property for would also be a good idea.  

Focus on the current value, not the change

Don’t worry about the percentage change in assessed value since the last reassessment process. Brightminds was hired to determine the 100% fair-market value of every property in Pittsylvania County as of the date the notices were mailed. This is a point-in-time measurement and should not be influenced by any previous valuations from past years, which may or may not have been correct to begin with. The appraisers from Brightminds can discuss and listen to appeals regarding the current assessed value, not any shift in your property’s value since the 2018 reassessment. So, during the appeals process, property owners should focus on why they think their property’s current assessed value is incorrect.  

Focus on the assessed value, not the tax levy

Brightminds was hired to assess every County property at 100% of the fair market value – numbers that will be used for real estate taxes for the next four years. The eventual tax levy, however, is something that Brightminds has no control over and is still not known at this time. The Board of Supervisors will set the tax rate around April of 2022. The current tax rate is $.62 for every $100 in value, but that is expected to change in 2022.