Personnel Policies Manual

It is the policy of the Pittsylvania County Board of Supervisors to establish policies, regulations, and other administrative provisions for personnel administration by the Board of Supervisors for Pittsylvania County for the information and guidance of all County employees.

  1. To provide equitable conditions of employment for County employees;
  2. To establish and maintain uniform standards of employment and compensation; and,
  3. To provide assistance to department directors and supervisors in their administration of personnel matters.

The Pittsylvania County Personnel Policies Manual establishes general County policies and procedures to be used by all County employees covered by the Manual and provides a description of the County’s benefits and the general County policies pertaining to benefits provided to employees. Policies may not always be aligned with all individual circumstances and there may be situations which may require interpretation of existing policies or a ruling in conjunction with an employee action related to the policies. If such interpretations are necessary, procedures for such interpretations are established and interpretations shall be made in keeping with the intent of the policies and procedures.