Performance Review System

Performance reviews benefit both employee and employer. They provide a framework for professional development and recognition of the quality of work performed by employees. The annual review is a time to provide feedback, recognize quality performance and set expectations for future job performance. It is also a time to have candid conversations about performance and how performance can be improved. Successful performance management is an ongoing and continuous process involving interactive and open communication between the supervisor and the employee whose performance is being evaluated. Ideally, the performance management process continues throughout the year with regular communication and feedback between the supervisor and employee. Ongoing performance discussions can assist in avoiding serious problems in the future.

Employee development is a central component of the annual performance review and provides details on what and how an employee can continue to grow, learn, and improve their knowledge, skills, and abilities.

Human Resources will communicate instructions to department heads each year in regard to completing performance reviews. These instructions will also include a timeline for completion.