The Pittsylvania County Board of Supervisors is committed to expanding access to reliable, high-speed and affordable internet access across our county, which is why we have partnered with RiverStreet Networks. 

As part of a strategic plan adopted in 2019, the Board of Supervisors identified its goal of providing broadband availability to 90% of residents by 2024. Instead of trying to step in and become a service provider, the Board of Supervisors has elected to be a facilitator. This means that our Board of Supervisors is partnering with the private sector to bring internet access to our residents.

Pittsylvania County is facilitating the expansion of broadband access instead of providing the service ourselves.

Pittsylvania County has partnered with RiverStreet Networks, a proven internet provider that recently acquired local companies SCS Broadband and Gamewood Technologies. 

RiverStreet Networks is working on two different levels--fixed wireless and then fiber--to provide high-speed internet access to residents across Pittsylvania County. First, RiverStreet Networks will have established a network of 18 towers for its fixed wireless network by the end of 2022. Fixed wireless is a type of internet service delivered using transmitters to send and receive internet signals from one point to another. These transmitters are affixed to stationary objects—like poles, buildings, or towers—at strategic locations, combining to create a wireless network. If you are interested in service from RiverStreet you can visit to learn more, check the services available in your area, and sign up. 

 At some point during 2022, RiverStreet Networks will also begin working on a fiber to the home network. While fixed wireless uses transmitters and towers to convey internet service, fiber involves the use of cables directly to the home. Generally, fiber is faster and more reliable, but it is also significantly more costly -- particularly for rural areas like Pittsylvania County. The Federal government has many funding options in place to help companies like RiverStreet expand their internet services into rural areas like Pittsylvania County, where the costs would otherwise outweigh the benefits. Pittsylvania County is also partnering with RiverStreet to help expand service to our citizens and has provided $1 million in CARES Act funding to assist with the project.

Pittsylvania County leaders understand the crucial role that broadband access plays in our world, which is why we are investing $1 million of CARES Act funds into this partnership with RiverStreet Networks to extend access throughout unserved areas of our community.

“Pittsylvania County is committed to partnering with internet providers like RiverStreet to extend high-speed internet access to all corners of our county. With remote learning and work becoming more common during the pandemic, having reliable internet at home is extremely important for every member of our community.” - Bob Warren, Chairman of the Pittsylvania County Board of Supervisors.

About RiverStreet Networks

RiverStreet Networks is an award-winning communications technology company headquartered in Wilkesboro, NC.  RiverStreet Networks provides customers with the latest in technology and strives to serve the unserved and underserved communities with a broadband solution.  Service is provided in areas of North Carolina and Virginia with excellent telephone, internet, video, security systems and business solutions.