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The Pittsylvania County Board of Supervisors are always making decisions, and most of those have at least some weight for residents and businesses. With so much going on, it can be easy to miss decisions that are made or progress that is happening or, most importantly, the why behind a decision or change. 

Every other week a member of the board will provide a new editorial to explain a decision, highlight progress, showcase a trend, or provide an opinion. The Board of Supervisors wants to ensure that our residents understand changes that happen and why they happen, and open communication about these things is the best way to do that. 

  1. Robert Warren 3

    Chairman Addresses Music Festival Invoice Misinformation

    Board Chairman Warren addresses misinformation about Pittsylvania County's invoices to Purpose Driven Events for the Blue Ridge Rock Festival. The County billed so the taxpayers weren't funding a private event, and no County employees "double-dipped." Additional Info...
  2. Robert Warren 3

    Reducing the Burden on County Residents

    Chairman Bob Warren discusses the rationale behind adjusting the meals tax rate from 4% to 6% and creating a transient occupancy tax: generating revenue that will allow for a reduction in the real estate tax rate - and thus the burden on county residents. Read on...
  3. Robert Warren 3

    Honoring Clyde L. Banks, Sr.

    The Board of Supervisors recently renamed the Chatham South Bridge after the late Clyde L. Banks, Jr. Chairman Warren expresses why that was an important decision and why that particular bridge location was chosen. Read on...
  4. Robert Warren 3

    Thank You Morgan Olson

    Morgan Olson generously donated a $175,000 air utility vehicle to Pittsylvania County Public Safety, and this vehicle will serve as an asset to all Pittsylvania County residents and volunteer agencies, as well as the surrounding localities. Read on...
  5. Robert Warren 3

    Cherrypicking Calls and Agency Funding

    Board of Supervisors Chairman Bob Warren shares his concerns about an agency admitting to cherrypicking calls from a frequent flyer and explains the details of the new agency funding structure. Read on...
  6. Joe Davis 3

    Investing in public safety

    This Pittsylvania County Board of Supervisors is intentional about using our finances, including our CARES Act funds, to bolster public safety. Read on...
  7. Joe Davis 3

    Adopting the PCSA is a good business decision

    It was a determination to be more efficient that led this Board to adopt the Pittsylvania County Service Authority last year, and it is that same desire for efficiency that's leading us to evaluate what our water line extension policy should be. Read on...
  8. Robert Warren 3

    Poor Journalistic Practices by the Star Tribune

    Recently, I have been dissatisfied with the Star Tribune's unwarranted and unsupported negative coverage of Pittsylvania County that hasn't followed journalistic practices such as transparency, objectivity, and providing evidence to back up a claim. Read on...
  9. Ben Farmer 3

    Our stations are improving

    Callands-Gretna Supervisor Ben Farmer discusses the improvements that many Pittsylvania County volunteer fire and rescue agencies have made in the past several years as funding has increased and the partnership with County Public Safety has improved. Read on...
  10. Ben Farmer 3

    County continues to invest in fire and rescue

    Callands-Gretna Supervisor Ben Farmer discusses the critical role that our volunteer agencies play in keeping our community safe and why the Board of Supervisors remains committed to investing into these stations. Read on...
  11. Charles Miller 3

    Pittsylvania County is Reaching the African American Community

    I am pleased to see the Board of Supervisors taking such intentional measures to recognize and work with the African American community. It is refreshing to see our Board and the local African American community working together so well. Read on...
  12. Charles Miller 3

    Pittsylvania County is Communicating Better

    Pittsylvania County government is doing a better job of communicating with citizens than ever before. This is a result of creativity, experimentation, and intentionality on behalf of Pittsylvania County staff. Read on...
  13. Tim Dudley 3

    A Win for the Northern End of the County is a Win for the Whole County

    While representing each of our specific districts and constituents is important, above all else we represent Pittsylvania County as a whole, and we must make decisions in light of what is good for the entire county. Read on...
  14. Tim Dudley 3

    Pittsylvania County is Restoring the Northern End

    Staunton River District Representative Tim Dudley talks about how the Pittsylvania County Board of Supervisors are taking steps to restore the northern end of the County, both in terms of economic opportunity and quality of life options. Read on...
  15. Robert Warren 3

    Pittsylvania County invests in its students

    Chairman Warren explains how Pittsylvania County invested its CARES Act money in its students at all levels by funding the purchase of thousands of laptops and other technology. Read on...
  16. Robert Warren 3

    Accepting our neighbors' trash is a wise financial decision for the county and the taxpayer

    Chairman Bob Warren explains why the Board believes that using the landfill to accept outside waste, cover its own expenses, and generate revenue is a sound financial decision, both for the finances of county government and for the individual taxpayer. Read on...
  17. Robert Warren 3

    Regional efforts fueling Pittsylvania County success

    Chairman Bob Warren highlights some of Pittsylvania County's many numerous economic development successes over the past few years and the regionalism that has helped lead to significant job creation, capital investments, and awards and recognitions. Read on...
  18. Robert Warren 3

    The landfill is an asset

    Chairman Bob Warren explains why Pittsylvania County has elected to use the landfill to create revenue. Read on...
  19. Robert Warren 3

    The Board cares about the entire Penhook community, in both Pittsylvania and Franklin Counties

    Bob Warren, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors, explains why Pittsylvania County is pushing Franklin County for additional funding for Cool Branch Volunteer Fire and Rescue. Read on...
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