Public Works

About Pittsylvania County Public Works

The Pittsylvania County Public Works Department oversees building and grounds, solid waste collections and disposal, and water and sewer. The department was first created in July, 2020 to encompass three separate departments: buildings and grounds, solid waste, and water and sewer. The Public Works Department provides essential services to Pittsylvania County residents and ensures that all Pittsylvania County buildings and assets are well-maintained. 

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  1. Chris Adcock

    Public Works Director
    Phone: 434-432-7135

Solid Waste

The Pittsylvania County Solid Waste Department includes both collections and disposal. With 21 Convenience Centers and 10 "Green Box" sites, Pittsylvania County Collections is a widespread operation. A team of drivers haul trash from the sites to the Dry Fork landfill, which is one of the biggest assets available to Pittsylvania County. The 450-acre property has a lifespan extending well over 75 years, even with contracts with neighboring localities and trash haulers that bring in extra trash and generate significant revenue to cover necessary capital costs at the landfill.

Water and Sewer

The Public Works Department operates 12 separate water systems throughout Pittsylvania County and provides wastewater collection in parts of six of these systems. For eight of the water systems, Pittsylvania County purchases bulk water from the City of Danville, the Henry County Public Service Authority, the Town of Chatham and the Town of Hurt. The other four water systems are served by wells.  We also have wastewater treatment agreements with Danville and Chatham.  

To serve roughly 3,500 customers, Pittsylvania County Public Works maintains the following assets: 

  • 113 miles of water mains
  • 350 manholes
  • 4 water booster stations 
  • 73 miles of wastewater collection pipe
  • Over 600 fire hydrants 
  • 15 wastewater pump stations

Buildings and Grounds.

The Buildings and Grounds crews maintain over 20 County owned buildings, provide custodial services, maintain E911 Tower sites and service generators, and construct, repair, and maintain over 4,000 street signs.