Electoral Board Members and Minutes

The Pittsylvania County Electoral Board is composed of 3 members appointed by the Circuit Court Judges. Board Member serves 3-year staggered terms. The Board meets throughout the year as needed to hand Election Business and Management. The Board has two primary responsibilities: appoint the Registrar and the Election Officers.

According to the Constitution of Virginia, representation on the board is given to each of the two political parties that have the two highest numbers of votes in the previous general election for Governor. Two electoral board members shall be of the political party that cast the highest number of votes for Governor at that election.

Chairman: Sandra Gilbert (D)

405 N. Main Street
Chatham, VA 24531
Email Sandra Gilbert
Phone: 434-251-8903
Phone: 434-432-9577

Vice Chairman: Lester Terry (D)

756 Mill Creek Road
Chatham, VA 24531
Email Lester Terry
Phone: 434-709-1819
Phone: 434-432-1453

Secretary: Brenda S. Arthur (R)

1460 Dodson Road
Blairs, VA 24527
Email Brenda S. Arthur
Phone: 434-489-4815
Phone: 434-836-2915

Agendas & Minutes

Available minutes will be posted on the Agenda Center

Minutes of meetings that are required to be recorded pursuant to Code of Virginia, 24.2-107 shall be posted on the website of the electoral board or official website of the county or city, when such means are available. Minutes of meetings shall be posted as soon as possible but no later than one week prior to the following meeting of the Electoral Board.