Apply For

  1. Boards & Commissions

    Find out how to apply to be apart of the county's boards and commissions.

  2. Building Inspection

    Find more information on building inspections in the county.

  3. Business Licenses

    Apply for local business licenses.

  4. Concealed Handgun

    Become licensed to carry a concealed weapon.

  5. Criminal Injuries Compensation

    Get compensation for injuries caused by a criminal.

  6. Disabled Veteran Exemption

    Find out how to become exempt as a disabled veteran.

  7. Elderly & Disabled Tax Relief

    File for tax relief as an elderly or disabled person.

  8. Employment in Sheriff's Office

    Become a member of the county sheriff's office.

  9. Literacy Program

    Take advantage of the literacy program.

  10. Victim-Witness Assistance Program

    Read about how to apply for the Victim- Witness Assistance Program.