Become a Poll Worker

  • Must be a registered voter in Virginia
  • May not hold an elective office, or be the deputy or employee of an elected official
  • Attend training prior to each election to ensure you have the proper knowledge to handle each election.
  • Arrive at polling place at 5 a.m. and remain until the polls are closed and the results are ascertained, usually around 8:30 p.m.
  • Setup voting machines and signs in preparation for voting
  • Process voters by checking in registered voters on electronic poll book
  • Operate voting machines and assist voters
  • Other duties as assigned by the Chief Officer of the precinct
All officers are paid after working each election, the number of elections varies from year to year. The Compensation is to cover the training session as well as each election day. Payroll checks are mailed by the end of the month after each election.
  • Chief Officer's are paid $155 per election
  • Assistant Chief's and all other officers are paid $135 per election. 


Contact Information
Officers of Election work at the polls on election day to ensure elections are run in a well organized manner. If you are interested in working at the polls on election day, please come by the Voter Registration Office, or call 434-432-7971 for more information.