Commissioner of the Revenue

The Commissioner of the Revenue is a constitutional office of the Commonwealth of Virginia and the County of Pittsylvania. The Commissioner is locally elected every 4 years and is the chief tax authority for the locality. The Commissioner is responsible for:

  • Assessing all personal and business property and all Machinery and Tools
  • Maintaining real estate assessments
  • Overseeing the Land Use Program
  • Overseeing the state income tax and estimated filing process
  • Overseeing the Tax Relief Programs for the Elderly and Disabled and Disabled Veteran’s 
  • Overseeing the County Meals and Transient Occupancy Taxes
  • Fairly and equitably identifying and assessing all sources of revenue to which the County is entitled according to the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia and Pittsylvania County 
  • Actively advocating and promoting programs to minimize the tax burden on our citizens and assisting taxpayers in participating in tax reduction programs
  • Providing taxpayers with accurate and useful information concerning revenue assessments
  • Providing County officials with accurate and useful information from which decisions can be made to best serve the citizens of Pittsylvania County
  • Providing efficient, effective, and courteous service in a timely manner to the citizens of Pittsylvania County

Real Estate General Reassessment-effective date January 1, 2018 was performed by Wingate Appraisal Services. Real Estate General Reassessment-effective date January 1, 2022 is being performed by Brightminds, LLC. 

Reassessment Notice Data (PDF)

  1. Commissioner of the Revenue

    Physical Address
    11 N Main Street
    Chatham, VA 24531

    Mailing Address
    P.O. Box 272
    Chatham, VA 24531

    Phone: 434-432-7940
    Fax: 434-432-7957

  2. Robin Coles Goard

    Robin Goard

    Phone: 434-432-7940

Non Pro-Rating Jurisdiction

Pittsylvania County is not a pro-rating jurisdiction. This means any assessment of property made by this office is based upon residency and ownership as of January 1 of the tax year. If you own a home, land, or personal property as of January 1, you are liable to Pittsylvania County for the taxes for the entire year.

If you change residency during the year to a pro-rating jurisdiction, be sure to advise them you were taxed in Pittsylvania County for the entire tax year. If you move to Pittsylvania County after January 1, you will be liable to the locality in which you resided as of January 1 and not to Pittsylvania County. You should reflect this information when you register a vehicle, boat, or other piece of personal property with the Commissioner of the Revenue Office.

If you trade or sell a vehicle after January 1, you will be taxed only on the vehicles you owned as of January 1. Any change made during the year will be reflected in the following year. In addition to notifying DMV, our office should be informed of the change.