Commissioner of the Revenue


The Commissioner of the Revenue's primary responsibility is assessing the value of personal property, business personal property, machinery and tools, and processing state income tax returns. The office also:

  • Maintains the land books
  • Administers the county's adopted land use program
  • Conducts real estate tax relief for the elderly and disabled

The Commissioner of the Revenue is a constitutional officer and is elected by the citizens for a 4-year term.


Our goal is to ensure every taxpayer is treated fairly and uniformly. We are continuously striving to improve the office operations to better serve the public. We hope this website is helpful to you as you seek information on your rights and responsibilities as a citizen of Pittsylvania County.


We are located in the Courthouse Building on Main Street.

Real Estate General Reassessment-effective date January 1, 2018 was performed by Wingate Appraisal Services.

Reassessment Notice Data (PDF)