County Administration

Role of County Administration

The day-to-day management of county affairs is the responsibility of the County Administrator, a position appointed by the Board of Supervisors. The County Administrator must also advise the board and record its action, and execute county business in accordance with board policy.

Duties include and are not limited to:

  • Any and all other duties imposed by the board and by law to facilitate the accomplishment of the work of county government
  • Budget preparation
  • Compliance with laws
  • Coordination with independent agencies and the community
  • Funds management
  • General administration
  • Personnel management and supervision of all county departments
  • Property management
  • Purchasing
  • Regulations and ordinances
  • Representing the board at meetings and functions

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  1. County Administration

    Physical Address
    1 Center Street
    Chatham, VA 24531

    Mailing Address
    P.O. Box 426
    Chatham, VA 24531

County Organizational Chart

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