Vehicle License Fees

A license fee is assessed on all motor vehicles, owned or leased, normally garaged, stored or parked in the county. The assessment is made on the 1st day of each calendar year, and is due and payable on June 20 annually. Those fees are as follows:

Type of Vehicle
Passenger Vehicle / Pickup Truck$40.75

Exemptions & Reductions

  • One vehicle owned or leased, and used personally in the performance of duties by each active member of the volunteer fire departments and volunteer rescue squads who lives in the county outside of the incorporated towns is exempt after proper certification.
  • Passenger vehicles and pickup trucks owned and used personally by a member of the National Guard shall be partially exempt from the payment of the license fee levied and imposed by 50% of said fee.
  • Passenger vehicle and pickup trucks owned and used personally by a Disabled Veteran or Prisoner of War and currently running state license plates to identify them as such, are exempt from license fee with proper documentation.